Standing With Ukraine

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It is utterly devastating to see the current events in the Ukraine and we cannot imagine the tragedy that is happening across that nation. We have been discussing at length if there is anything we can do as a small business to help them in any way. We don't provide feed or bedding for horses but then we saw that British Equestrian, The British Horse Society, BETA Equestrian and World Horse Welfare, with support from member bodies across the equestrian industry, have set up British Equestrians for Ukraine. This group has been created to facilitate a supply chain to meet the immediate demand for goods such as haylage, feed and bedding, as well as raise money to fund aid directly where it’s needed most.
As a business Brodelle Equestrian will be donating 20% of all our Riding Leggings Sales to this cause πŸ’™
If you would like to donate straight to the fund please click here:
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