Our Recent Photoshoot Spring 2021

Our Recent Photoshoot

We haven't actually written a blog post in a while but we have been so busy behind the scenes with plans that haven't gone live yet it has taken up all of our time. 

After waiting a very long time (due to COVID-19) for a photoshoot we were finally allowed to do one a couple of weeks ago and WOW! we have so happy with the results. 

We had new products which hadn't had any lifestyle photos yet and the website needed a good update with new photos so it was so refreshing to have new creativeness to play with! 

Abby, our photographer, was brilliant and the results are amazing. We did a slightly different photoshoot in the morning as it was a coastal lifestyle one, just to show our products can be used as casual wear too! Then we headed over to the yard for the afternoon and using a very handsome grey gelding called Jago we had such a good time! 

Here are some of our favourite photos from the shoot:

Brodelle Equestrian Photoshoot 1 Brodelle Equestrian Photoshoot 2 

Brodelle Equestrian Photoshoot 3 Brodelle Equestrian Photoshoot 4

Speak soon, 

Krystina x